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Lee Woodward Training Systems
Lee Woodward Training Systems
The Complete Snack App

What is the Snack App?

Training on Demand (TOD)

Think of a skill you need your
people to master right now

It could be perfecting the listing presentation, nailing the negotiation process or mastering the price reduction. Perhaps your team isn’t generating sufficient leads to keep the pipeline flowing or are struggling in the buyer management department. Maybe it’s something very specific like trust accounting, a leadership issue or time management.

Whatever your pain points, we can now custom design and produce the training you need, in a format that suits you and with the elements that fit your brand, your location and your people – ON DEMAND

No two agencies have the exact same needs at precisely the same time.

Produced by Realtair Academy, TOD is professional, customised, digital training on demand that can be updated as required and will live on in the business forever.

No more waiting for a course that aligns with your current skill gaps or sitting through long seminars that fail to hit the mark. Time is money. You need those issues addressed now. For the very first time in real estate history, that’s now possible.

Download the TOD Brochure for more information