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10 Steps To A New Career In Real Estate

10 Steps To A New Career In Real Estate

10 Steps to a New Career in Real Estate

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Article - Make the change in 2020 – join the real estate industry.


I'm Lee Woodward. I'm still as passionate about the real estate industry today as when I started thirty years ago.

The industry has undergone an enormous change. It's an exciting time, and we need modern, enthusiastic, open-minded and skilled people to take it into the next decade. If you have ever thought about it – this is a perfect time to give yourself the gift of a career in real estate.

Is real estate for me?

If you are obsessed with houses, farms, commercial properties, Grand Designs or The Block – the Australian real estate industry wants you.

If you've ever thought - I think I want to work in real estate – do it – NOW.

If you love technology, talking, caring and connecting with people and building a community – let 2020 be the year you join the real estate industry. Give yourself the gift of a new and dynamic job in a business bursting with opportunity.

A career in real estate gives you

a) freedom over your income.

b) unlimited earning potential.

c) autonomy, agility and a chance to build a community and find a sense of belonging.

What can I expect to earn?

Yes – it's true – you can earn a lot of money in real estate. It will take time, but if you put the effort in - you can have a great life.

You start on an award wage, and Fair Work Australia sets this salary. For most people, the starting point can be anywhere from $45,000 through to $60,000 as a package, and that might include your allowances, car, telephone, and superannuation.

As your role changes, your salary will change too. It's a commission-driven industry unless you are in an operational or property management role with a fixed salary.

A Sydney property manager with one to two year’s experience will earn between $60,000 to $70,000 as a package, A Sydney senior property manager, in the inner city ring, looking after an extensive portfolio, with one report will earn $75,000 to $90,000 as a package. Selling agents, two years out can be earning more than $150,000. So the sky is the limit.

Everyone can make a go of it in real estate

Fifty-year-old salespeople who immediately inspire trust, hospitality workers who love people, retail sales staff that are comfortable with targets and sales KPIs, school leavers who are brilliant with Facebook/Instagram marketing and graphic design – all of these people will succeed in real estate.

How do I get started?

Right now. The Christmas break is a perfect time to kick-start your new career.

It's surprisingly easy. To work in the industry, you need to obtain your Certificate of Registration or your Real Estate Licence, and you can do that through an accredited training provider.

You can complete your Certificate of Registration online - over the Christmas and New Year period with the Real Estate Academy or you can do a year-long course at TAFE – it's up to you.

You need your real estate licence if you want to run a real estate office. The Certificate of Registration allows you to work for the licensee selling, listing, working in real estate. You cannot work in real estate, communicating with the public, or working in property management, unless you have a Certificate of Registration.

The 10-point action plan to make the move into real estate:

1. Complete the Certificate of Registration with Real Estate Academy.

Completing the initial course work will not cost you anything. The links are available for you on our site at if you would like to complete the course online.

2. Make a commitment to the industry

After you've done the initial course work, do some further thinking and reflection and make sure that you want to invest financially in obtaining the Certificate of Registration to make a career in real estate.

3. Complete a statement of attainment

Once you have completed the Certificate of Registration, pay the fee and complete the assessment so you can obtain a Statement of Attainment.

4. Apply and receive your Certificate of Registration through the Department of Fair Trading

Once you have your Statement of Attainment, apply for and receive the formal Certificate of Registration.

5. Seek the help of a recruiter

A recruiter will help you with your career transition into real estate. They can help with your resume and give you interview tips and get you in front of employers to secure a job.

6. Learn about the industry

Start going to some open for inspections in your area. Register for property updates on and for sales, property management, for both residential and commercial properties depending on your interest. Get those alerts each day so you can learn what's going on in the marketplace, and use this to build your marketplace knowledge.

7. Find the great agents

At open homes, ask questions of the agents and get a feel for who the good agencies are. Who followed you up? Who prepared for their open homes? Who made you feel good about that inspection experience? These are the people you can learn from and want to work with.

8. Let everyone know you have started in real estate

Make a list of everybody who knows you. People you went to school with, friends, neighbours, shop owners, everyone because this is your community  - your book of business. Write, text or email everyone saying, "Great news, I've just got a job in real estate. I'm starting at this company. It's a new career path in my life. I'm super excited. If you ever need any help, please let me know. It's a great company where I'm working, and I'd love to be of help."

You will be amazed by how many people will support you. People need to know you are available, and they will pass on your name to others.

9. Learn from the greats and learn as much as you can

The more you know, the more you learn – the more agencies will want you. Read the book How to Prospect for Future Business in Real Estate and do as many courses as you can to learn about every aspect of the industry.

10. Secure a position

Secure a position in an office that excites you. With a leader who is inspired to have you on board. Remember, it's a partnership. You are bringing your skills into the infrastructure, of a real estate business. You are joining a principal and leader to have a career in real estate. So make sure it's a good fit.

Good luck – the sky is the limit!

For more information, please contact: Real Estate Academy, call 1300 367 412, or go to our website

You can also contact: Carlie Barnett,

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By making the content for the course readily accessible, we are giving you the opportunity to test the waters, with no obligation, to see if in fact a career in real estate is really for you. Once you have completed the training and decided that they do want to pursue a career in real estate, only then do you make a payment of $695 for the course. You are then formally assessed by our partner Registered Training Organisation (RTO) MRT Training, receive their Statement of Attainment and apply for your Certificate of Registration with NSW Fair Trading.



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