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How to maximise your lead conversion

You may not have heard of ActivePipe yet but you will.

A game-changing marketing automation platform for the global real estate industry, ActivePipe is an Australian real estate sensation. The most prominent players in investment in Australia and the world have already got on board.

The National Association of Realtors, the largest trade association in the United States, recently made a significant investment in the company. The CEO of ActivePipe Ash Farrugia says, "It's pretty exciting because these guys only invest in technology they think will radically transform the real estate ecosystem in America. So for us to have that kind of endorsement was really exciting." They were also a significant market shareholder in the DocuSign business."

ActivePipe also has a relationship with Pi Labs. NAB Ventures and Asia Pacific Capital are strategic investors and one of the most respected people in the business; Martin Dalgleish is the chair of the company. Finally, IAG, one of the biggest insurance companies on the planet, has recently also invested a material amount into ActivePipe as well.

Why has this product attracted so much interest?

ActivePipe helps real agents get higher returns from their investment in marketing. The platform puts the most critical data in front of an agent to enable them to have a much more informed and better conversations with customers, which leads to better conversions. ActivePipe's dynamic and personalised customer journeys mean agents always deliver relevant property content unique to each prospect and find buyers and sellers earlier in the pipeline.

Using ActivePipe, agents know more than the clients. Ash says, "Before a client becomes an upsizer, we know how they behaved. We have lots of trending data, so we know within five or six interactions, whether someone fits into that bucket. For example, If someone's interacting with lots of one and two-bedroom properties right near their home that are sold, and then they're interacting with three and four-bedroom properties in another neighbourhood that are for sale, that's a really simple way of identifying this person starting to behave like an upsizer."

There is so much leakage with the collection of data. We generate leads, but then the data goes cold. Ash says, "In 2011 there were less than five million leads generated digitally in the US. Just last year, there were over 120 million leads generated digitally. In the US the big portals over there are quoting, through research they've done, that north of 50 per cent of the leads don't even get a callback. So you're talking about $3 -4 billion worth of potential lead leakage, depending on whom you listen to, with regards to the volume of people that aren't getting called back. The exact same problem exists here in Australia, where you've got the big portals and lots of money spent on lead generation, so top of the funnel, but little to no tools to help with lead nurturing and conversion." That's a lost of missed opportunity.

Ash continues, "We estimate that there's north of 150 million contacts sitting in CRMs just in Australia alone. Obviously, there are lots of duplicates, but when there are only 500,000 transactions per annum circa here, there's much noise to cut through there to get to those listings. That's what our platform is there to do, to really help agents become top producers and cut through that noise."

ActivePipe seeks to provide agents with a tool that enables them to a fully automated customer experience that nurtures leads and then harvests the data, which then presents customers content that's relevant based on their behaviour. The platform helps agents in three ways.

Firstly, it helps with generating and fulfilling leads. Ash says, "Providing good quality content or providing a platform that allows you to integrate with blogs and good quality external and internal content for brokerages is key. We integrate deeply with a property ecosystem, so help with listing integrations. We enable a brokerage or a real estate office to be able to send thousands of dynamic emails to consumers, automated and triggered based on events in CRMs. On top of that, we then bring another layer of data into the ecosystem. Typically, an open rate and a click rate just does not cut it. So we bring a whole new layer of data into the ecosystem. We have an intent engine that has some really smart data models in it to bring to light potential upsizers, downsizers, sellers, investors, first-time buyers, just by the way that they're behaving with the content. And that's what agents really need. They need to be able to get some data that's meaningful and actually can help them prospect."

The platform also assists with the analytical side around finding property matches so that ActivePipe can match consumers with properties based on their interactions and behaviour with those properties. Ash says, "We also leverage analytics to help agents sell the property. The way we look at the whole analytical side of our platform is we're pushing to remove as much friction as possible for agents to list and then sell a home."

Finally, a CMO of a prominent real estate brand can create content and push that down across the whole network and provide that content to the network. Ash says, "They're the kinds of extra hierarchical layers that we have in the platform to enable a big brokerage to leverage it and provide their network with content that's meaningful and relevant."

Ash says, "Our key approach has always been, how do we become a product-led sales business? If we are a product-led sales business, our customers are happy. They're utilising a platform that they're loving, and they're paying for each month."

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