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Transitioning Property Managers to Relationship Managers

Transitioning Property Managers to Relationship Managers


You will learn:

  • Why future proofing property management is essential to stay relevant and valued to your customer
  • Understanding how valuable a supportive model of people, technology, outsourcing and strong processes is for a sustainable business model
  • Understanding our future customer and the experience they will continue to demand
  • What are the benefits of having a customer experience road map
  • Profiling the difference between a Property Manager and a Relationship Manager
  • Why leaders and managers need to plan, engage and execute the change management process
  • How to find the influencers in your team to combat existing fears, behaviours and habits which may hinder the transitioning process
  • Understanding the necessary tools, processes and technology available to assist a Relationship Manager to become more customer centric
  • What team structures work effectively and efficiently with the Relationship Management model
  • How to recruit for a Relationship Manager
  • What are the improvements each team member needs to adopt to make sure the development of the Relationship Management model is continually adopted and adapted as part of the business practices

Mapping Process

Current Status

1 Do you regularly evaluate your efficiencies in the business
2 Do you have a digital experience for your customer and your business
3 Have you assessed your businesses customer experience in the last 3 months?
4 As a business leader do you have a strategy to stay relevant to the future customer?
5 Are you running an operationally sound business that is measurable?
6 Are your property managers working within their capacity and have created freedom of managing mundane task?
7 Do you have documented systems and processes for all property management roles?
8 Do you assess your feature and function of all your technologies you subscribe to?
9 Do you evaluate your complaints register regularly and use the findings in a team workshop to better the customer experience?

TOTAL: 0 / 9

Future Proofing Property Management

01 Future Proofing Property Management

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Our Future Customer

02 Our Future Customer

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The Customer Experience 

03 The Customer Experience

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We Have Arrived

04 We Have Arrived

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The Change Management Process

05 The Change Management Process

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The Power of Influences

06 The Power of Influences

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Tools, Systems & Technology

07 Tools, Systems & Technology

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Team Structure

08 Team Structures

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Effective Communication Platform

09 Effective Communication Platforms

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