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Value Performance Advertising

Today and into the future VPA stands for Value Performance Advertising because that’s what you need your marketing and advertising to deliver if it is to connect with the consumers of today and tomorrow. It must demonstrate VALUE if it is to deliver a strong PERFORMANCE.  VPA of yesterday referred to Vendor Paid Advertising.

This Master Class featuring the world’s best real estate social and digital marketing experts will save you thousands in consultancy fees, which is the only other way you could receive the calibre of information presented in this TOD program.            

Unless you change what you have always done you are at risk of rapidly losing control of your marketability within your own community as new digital methods and platforms capture those audiences and detract them from knowing you even exist.

It’s time to lift our standard as an industry and follow best practice on a global scale in marketing. If you don’t have the right marketing tools moving into the future, not only will your properties fail to sell in the required timeframe and for the desired price, but they may not attract any attention at all.

Bringing you the world’s best real estate social and digital marketing experts

Delivered over 6 powerful podcast sessions and facilitated by Lee Woodward, this self-paced multimedia Master Class features the world’s best international real estate social media marketing experts. Our panel of speakers dive deep into the techniques that consistently deliver the best results and reveal what a modern, agent-driven business must do to thrive in today’s new business landscape.

Master Class Presenters:

Dick Karlsson, Swedish international marketing genius, co-founder and Executive Director of DIAKRIT, the leader in global real estate marketing with more than 2000 clients worldwide, including Australia and New Zealand.

Stefan Williams, co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer of CampaignTrack, the largest Australian real estate campaign management company.

Imogen Ball, branding and marketing specialist for the REA Group.

Andrew Bloom, Sanders Property Agents, a sales agent who shares his social selling journey and how he discovered the potholes the hard way, saving you the pain he went through in perfecting his VPA.

The podcasts

  1. The Agent Journey – Andrew Bloom
  2. Value Performance Advertising – Dick Karlsson
  3. The Five Essential Social Media Tips – Imogen Ball
  4. Content That Connects – Imogen Ball
  5. Improving Your Agent Brand – Imogen Ball
  6. The digital future of Real estate – Stefan Williams 

Bonus content:

  • Video – DIAKRIT VPA live at the REA Amphitheatre, with Dick Karlsson, a TED style talk featuring brilliant case studies from around the world and detailed explanations of the interactive tools available. This video brings all the information from the podcasts together.
  • A Mapping Process to give you a benchmark to work towards and a means of measuring your entry level.
  • Options to submit your Key Learnings and Questions to our panel of experts.
  • Links to relevant websites and web books that utilise the interactive tools discussed in the podcasts and video.

Who is this Master Class for?

This Master Class is for any real estate sales professional who wants to have a modern agent-driven business as opposed to a business driven by the market due to a lack of understanding about the most effective ways to attract and connect with today’s consumer.

For Real Estate Academy members call our team on 1300 367 412 for your member rate.

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