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Lee Woodward Training Systems
Lee Woodward Training Systems

Digital Live Audio Coaching Program


21 of Australia’s most potent business coaches all in the one program all brought together.

To share the very best points that they have shared with agents to have the most impact in the area of professional development. The incredible line up covers in-depth content on Time management,

Listing presentations, personal brand, social media selling, digital marketing, mindset, click funnels and more.

Facilitated by Lee Woodward, each session is a powerful learning experience. Featuring John McGrath, Chris Helder,  Micheal Sheargold, Mat Steinwede, Rik Rushton, Tom Panos, Chris Helder, Dane Atherton, Dick Karlsson, Julie Masters, Jet Xavier, Peter Mochrie, Sherrie Storor, Tanja M. Jones, Val Borbone, Daniel Spencer, Colin Anstie, Peter Brewer, Mark Kentwell, Aaron Spehr.

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1x Digital Live Audio Coaching Program