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International Leadership With Bill Sweetenham


Mr Bill Sweetenham - Former Australian Swim Team Head Coach

There are many Parallels between winning sporting teams and winning teams in the business world. Mr Bill Sweetenham, who has worked with more than 12 world-record holders during his illustrious coaching career, delivers valuable insight into the fundamental characteristics of a winning team in the following excerpt from the international leadership audio series.

Your Exit Strategy

Business leaders naturally strive to make their businesses a success but they often forget one key factor - that decisions made early can have huge implications down the track. It simply isn't enough to build a business that's worth a fortune unless you have an exit strategy to go with it, allowing you to get the money back out. Whether you like to plan ahead or not, the fact of the matter is - you should. Planning how you exit your business is just as important as how you start it. it is good business practice to think about the future during the early stages of getting into business. In fact, making your business saleable is a key milestone in true business success.

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1x International Leadership With Bill Sweetenham