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Lee Woodward Training Systems
Lee Woodward Training Systems

The Complete 90 Day Real Estate Sales Induction Program

Featuring our most extraordinary agents of the industry.


Fast track your real estate sales career with this state-of-the-art induction training program.
Developed by Lee Woodward, the program features some of the industry’s most influential and respected agents and leaders.

Session 1 - The Real Estate Codes & Words of the Industry – Mandy Wurth
Session 2 - 10 Steps to Learning the Ropes of Real Estate – Chris Henry
Session 3 - 10 Steps to Building a Prospecting Program – A Lee Woodward Webinar
Session 4 - The Power of Ignite –  A Lee Woodward Webinar
Session 5 - Building your Career –  Paul Rayner

Designed using Realtair Academy’s proven Blended Learning for Understanding model, the 90-day structured program includes a comprehensive training guide allowing you to read, listen and watch the carefully selected content in your own time and revisit it any time you choose. 
The guide is a blueprint and roadmap covering everything you need to learn in sequential order to embark on a successful career as a modern, professional sales agent.

Also included in the program are the Top 10 Real Estate Hot Topics audio sessions of all time featuring John McGrath, Dane Atherton, Brett Andreassen, Matt Church, Josh Tesolin, Jed Wood, Mat Steinwede, and many more of our industry’s superstars and elite sales performers.

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1x The Complete 90 Day Real Estate Sales Induction Program