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The Funded Marketing Campaign

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Session 1
Codes & Words Of Real Estate

 This is for brand new people wanting to learn the words and codes of the real estate industry.

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Digital Inspections

A digital Inspection is your instant real estate showcase of property. In this webinar, Lee Woodward coaches on winning business by explaining the power of letting people in and keeping people out who may be below the price expectations of your owner.

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Investing In Real Estate
Featuring David Gray

Dave is an authentic and proven property entrepreneur, successful property business owner and thought leader committed to sharing property lessons on how to build wealth and lifestyle.

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Privacy In Real Estate
Featuring Kristen Porter

As a result of the dramatic change of laws we’re seeing in the Real Estate Industry right now in relation to Privacy and Data breaches, bringing us up to date with everything to avoid the enormous fines hitting our industry at the moment.

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How to Master Workflow In the Real Estate Sales Process
Featuring Peter Matthews & Natalie Pecipajkovski

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Transitioning Property Managers to Relationship Managers
Featuring Rebecca Clow

The course will assist in future-proofing property, to stay relevant and valued to your customer. Rebecca explains how valuable a supportive model of people, technology, outsourcing and robust processes is for a sustainable business model.

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10 Steps To A New Career In Real Estate
With Carlie Barnett

Make the change in 2020 – join the real estate industry. Give yourself the gift of a new and dynamic job in a business bursting with opportunity.

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Send & You Shall Find
Brought to you by Activepipe

You may not have heard of ActivePipe yet but you will. A game-changing marketing automation platform for the global real estate industry, ActivePipe is an Australian real estate sensation. The most prominent players in investment in Australia and the world have already got on board.

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The Digital Agent
Hosted by Lee Woodward

This TOD multimedia Master Class highlights the significant benefits of making the transition from traditional agent, who relies on admin support or works ridiculous hours to create pre-listing kits and proposals, to a digital agent who can deliver a brilliant pitch within 5 minutes from any location and sign up a listing with zero room for error.

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The Road To Number One
With Mat Steinwede

It’s been a fifteen-year journey, but recently, industry legend Mat Steinwede of McGrath Central Coast finally cracked the number one position in McGrath.

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