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The Complete Real Estate Sales Mastery Super Coaching Program

Your complete training, implementation & accountability system for 2024

Lee and Robyn Woodward

'The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action.'
Herbert Spencer

For the past 23 years, The Complete Salesperson Course, has provided the foundational knowledge every real estate professional needs to know to succeed in their chosen career. However, knowledge does not necessarily change behaviour. As a real estate professional, you need to not only know the concepts but embody them. This requires you to change your behaviour and develop new habits.

The Complete Real Estate Sales Mastery Super Coaching Program is the ultimate training, implementation and accountability system for dedicated real estate professionals committed to action, continual improvement and sales mastery.

Delivered online for individuals and face-to-face for agencies over 12 months, the program is tailored to the marketplace in real time and is the equivalent of a master’s degree in real estate sales without the theory and complexity. Everything is deliberately short, sharp, relevant and uncomplicated to keep busy agents engaged and committed.

This program is the first and only one of its kind in Australia. It will take you from ad hoc agent to structured business professional who knows what it takes to Find, List, Communicate and Sell based on a proven, systemised framework and actually do it consistently. The program also supports principals and sales managers to hold their sales team accountable.

How Does the Super Coaching Program Work?

Education + Action = Mastery

The Complete Real Estate Sales Mastery Super Coaching Program is a fully integrated training, implementation and accountability system. More than education, it’s an all-inclusive professional development plan for total behavioural change.

Not only does it provide the knowledge agents need to know, but it encourages and holds them accountable to implementing what they learn for sustainable, continually improving success in real estate sales.

Here’s how it works...

  • 1. Attend The Complete Salesperson Course

    Attending The Complete Salesperson Course within the last 5 years is a prerequisite to joining the 12-month Super Coaching Program.

    Why? Because it provides the necessary foundational knowledge for the coaching. Without it, the coaching would lack context and relevance.

  • 2. Commence the 12-month Super Coaching Program with Lee Woodward as head coach

    The Super Coaching Program consists of the following every 8 weeks:

    · A live 1-hour group coaching webinar for individual agents


    · A 3-hour face-to-face group coaching session for agencies

    The Modules

    Sessions will be based around 5 Core Modules that align with the structure of The Complete Salesperson Course:

    • Module 1: Find
    • Module 2: List
    • Module 3: Communicate
    • Module 4: Sell
    • Module 5: Structural Change

    All content is also tailored to the marketplace in real time.

    The 'Snack App'

    To complement the Module learning, each participant is given access to the 'Snack App' – short, sharp coaching 'snack's' available on demand. Each snack consists of content gold that cuts straight to the chase.

    There are over 100 pre-recorded snacks in total covering a range of topics. Examples include fees, owner interview questions, objections and many more. Super Coaching participants simply select what they need, when they need it.

  • 3. Commitment and action

    During each session, participants must commit to key actions and demonstrate that they have met those commitments within a given timeframe.

    For example, in Module 5 – Structural Change – each participant will build their own custom Business Framework by selecting 3 assets from the framework’s 10 milestones. They are then required to activate their custom framework on the job and report back on the achievement of their commitment.

  • 4. Re-attend The Complete Salesperson Course  (optional)

    It is recommended (but not obligatory) that each participant revisit The Complete Salesperson Course for a 12-month review and reset.

    Why is this recommended?

    Because after 12 months of super coaching, each participant will have transformed themselves and their sales results. In other words, they will no longer be the same agent they were the year before. They will have progressed to the next stage. Consequently, the knowledge they acquire on their subsequent attendance will differ from their first. This will ensure their progress improves exponentially over time, especially if they continue their super coaching year-on-year.

Who is the Super Coaching Program for?

The program is for dedicated real estate sales professionals committed to their professional development and with a desire to amplify their results.

It is suitable for anyone from new starters in the industry to well-established professionals keen to up their game.

The program is also suitable for sales managers and leaders who wish to complete the coaching alongside their team to facilitate the implementation of their internal training plan.

Each participant will be held accountable for their actions so commitment is essential.

Annual Investment


$89 inc GST
per month
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$195 inc GST
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Cost to attend The Complete Salesperson Course is additional.

The Detail

Each coaching session adopts the following structure:


Mapping Process

(to assess the current status quo)


Key Learnings




Session Decisions

(action and accountability)

1 · Mapping Process

The Mapping Process asks participants to answer Yes or No to 10 statements relating to the Module.
Each statement is based on industry best practice.

Mapping Process Sample

Sample Mapping Process, pictured above.

2 · Key Learnings

There are 10 key learnings for each Module.

  • Module 1 – Find

    1. How to claim doors for future business
    2. The power of blended marketing
    3. The impact of one-to-one prospecting
    4. Follow-up and follow-on
    5. What to send
    6. The success of continuous marketing
    7. Working in the heat
    8. The benefits and power of building listing streams
    9. Social media marketing
    10. Avoiding leakage in your business
  • Module 2 – List

    1. Interviewing the owner
    2. Questions get answers
    3. Protecting the asset
    4. Triggers, concepts and questions
    5. The golden rule of real estate
    6. Communicate and connect
    7. The 10-point selling plan
    8. Delivering the price – mathematical and emotional
    9. Staged marketing is VPA (Value Performance Advertising)
    10. The digital inspection
  • Module 3 – Communicate

    1. Living up to the presentation promise
    2. Professional trust
    3. Building credits in the emotional bank account
    4. Allowing the owner to gain visibility through the calendar of events
    5. Continuous reporting
    6. Blended communication – what is it and when to use it?
    7. Price consistency
    8. Making calls that count
    9. Using a digital transparent notification system
    10. Putting fear aside and creating your 'Everything Email'
  • Module 4 – Sell

    1. Buyer management is one-to-one prospecting
    2. Silence implies consent
    3. The 6 types of buyers
    4. Where, why, when? Dialogue for all buyer-sellers
    5. Confirming the home address to provide a price update
    6. Offering a property nomination service
    7. Mastering the qualification process – scripts and questions
    8. The digital offer management system
    9. Buyer-sellers are mystery shoppers
    10. Showcasing the invisible value
  • Module 5 – Structural Change

    1. The 3 major 'swim lanes'
    2. 10 milestones to your business
    3. Learning, one 'snack' at a time
    4. Love the one you're with
    5. If you can't explain it, you don't understand it
    6. Visual communications
    7. Confirm your strength lane
    8. Create a learning menu
    9. Visibility and accountability
    10. Personal reinforcement

3 · Q&A

Time will be allocated each session for Q&A.

4 · Session Decisions

At the end of each session, each participant or team is asked to come up with 10 session decisions. These are the actions they agree to commit to and that they will be held accountable for achieving.

Alternatively, individuals and teams can commit to the following session decisions, which have been selected based on the thousands of real estate professionals Lee has coached over the years and who have gone on to become the industry’s top performers.

Lee Woodward on laptop screen

One thing is certain, if participants complete the 10 actions in my top 10 session decisions, they will reach Ninja level.'
Lee Woodward

Lee’s top 10 recommended session decisions

  • Module 1 – Find

    1. Tally the number of established clients you currently have
    2. Generate and distribute a price update for all current buyers
    3. Claim 900 doors
    4. Let the houses do the heavy lifting
    5. Post knowledge, not trophies (change your marketing messages)
    6. Identify and record your key numbers (buyers and sellers)
    7. Master your prospecting sequence
    8. Code and get to know your area for targeted communications
    9. Commit to 20 price updates daily
    10. Build your continuous marketing program, including the creation of textable video links
  • Module 2 – List

    1. Confirm your proposal – index and sequence
    2. Lock in your appraisal questions for meaningful ‘tourable’ moments
    3. Create your laminated listing presentation to use as a visual prop
    4. Create the perfect Buyer Booklet
    5. Confirm your words and concepts
    6. Create your last 100 sales list
    7. Build a presentation of sold stories
    8. Create a follow-up ‘chip and chase’ conversion chart
    9. Master your communications through staged marketing
    10. Rehearse and perfect your full presentation (including slides) by recording yourself on Zoom
  • Module 3 – Communicate

    1. Review your listing presentation to ensure it matches the Listed to Settled checklist
    2. Record your words for delivering difficult conversations and master the tone and pace
    3. Live up to the promises in your Listed to Settled checklist
    4. Confirm and communicate all defining moments (e.g., signboard up, live to Internet)
    5. Move from weekly reporting to continuous reporting
    6. Build a list of SMS template notifications to keep the owner well-informed
    7. Update the owner on all nearby sales, including withdrawn interest, to facilitate a price update
    8. Master the skill of reverse-engineered emails when calling
    9. Master the art of the digital sale and offer management system
    10. Build your own signature ‘Everything Email’ that aligns with your personality
  • Module 4 – Sell

    1. Master the VIP preview
    2. Claim your future doors with price updates
    3. Create a purchasing community listing stream list
    4. Master the processes of the digital timed sale and timed auction
    5. Replace the word 'buyers' with 'purchasing community'
    6. Question everyone
    7. Use leading questions
    8. Master the delivery of the Signature Negotiation Process
    9. Conduct 10 face-to-face buyer appointments a week
    10. Build a 'How To Purchase' guide and send to your buyers via SMS
  • Module 5 – Structural Change

    1. Segment your business activities into Lead Generation, Lead Conversion and Client Fulfilment
    2. Build your own custom Business Framework with just 3 assets in each lane to get you activated
    3. Select one coaching snack and stick with this until implemented as embodied knowledge daily
    4. Design your ‘Retain Lane’ as part of your established client communication plan
    5. Explain your framework to another person/agent as if you were coaching them on it
    6. Ensure each of your selected ‘snacks’ has the matching visual communication, if applicable (e.g., the 10-point selling plan)
    7. Select your most challenging lane and commit to the snacks that will bring progress and accountability to your work in that area
    8. List 5 actions you are passionate about and commit to implementing them in the next 12 weeks
    9. Create a laminated visual of your Business Framework and display it prominently in your workspace
    10. Create a personal coaching voice note of all the assets and snacks you have committed to implementing to be a more effective business professional and listen to it at least once a week.

What Happens Next?

On completion of the Super Coaching Program:

Participants will be able to explain their personalised Business Framework for real estate success and teach it to others on their team (such as a vendor manager, buyer manager and/or PA).

Principals and sales managers will be able to assess agents' knowledge and understanding by testing them on the Key Learnings for each module and observing the completion of the Session Decisions.

Ideally, each participant would revisit The Complete Salesperson Course and continue with their professional development for exceptional improvement year-on-year.

About Lee Woodward

Designer, producer, editor and presenter of multimedia and face-to-face education for progressive real estate agents, leaders and businesses; author of The Complete Salesperson Course and multiple books.

Throughout his thirty-plus year award-winning real estate career, Lee Woodward has always been a step or two ahead of the industry he serves with a passion. As an innovator and disruptor, Lee's dynamic, world-class business systems, educational courses and leadership solutions have enabled thousands of real estate professionals and leaders to excel in their chosen careers and countless businesses to thrive in all conditions.

Making his mark early when he embarked on his real estate career in 1992, Lee reached the top 2% of sales agents in the country within his first year and broke multiple sales records in a compressed time. From the start, he made it his mission to improve consumer perception of real estate agents and enhance professionalism within the industry. As founder and CEO of Real Estate Academy, he did more than accomplish his mission; he turned the industry on its head by shifting the focus from sales to service and blending digital technology with technique

Lee is the hired gun for many real estate companies who want their team members to excel.

He has produced Training on Demand and other forms of training, coaching and multimedia productions for business owners, entire real estate groups, elite real estate agents and even some professional, well-known sportspeople. His work is now available in eight countries.

Follow Lee on Facebook & LinkedIn.

Lee Woodward in multimedia recording studio
Lee Woodward

'Lee is a coach for all agents at every stage of their career.

He uses a proven method and model which can be replicated and measured. He has walked the walk and continues to talk the talk which keeps me on track to achieve my business goals.

His new ideas and initiatives are at the forefront of the industry which empower us agents to keep a step ahead of the competition.'
Jed Wood, Sanders Property Agents